November 24, 2009

Inner Spring (musicdisk)
That's it.

My first musicdisk is ready (hopefully it's not the last one).

Player is written on Delphi, without OpenGL/DirectX (graph32 was enough).

"Inner Spring" includes 15 Speccy tracks (made between 1996 and 1998, except "Timedrops", which was made in august 2009) and 14 modules, made using Impulse Tracker between 2001 and 2004.

All IT-modules were size-optimized (by deleting unused samples) using wonderful piece of software called Magicfish Postmod 1.04, it can be freely downloaded from it's site.

AY emulation code for Speccy tracks playback was taken from Sergey Bulba's projects – "Vortex Tracker II" (main emulation and player code) and "AY Emulator 2.9b5" (code for "pause" and something else). THANKS to author!

IT-modules playback made using great BASS library.

Download (7.8 Mb)