February 4, 2013

This site is still alive!
And I have no other words to say.
Just one question – what for? :)

March 9, 2011

Videos for 03/08/20xx
I'm not sure if it's somehow scene related, but here it is – two videos, dedicated to March, 8th. Verses are awful, I know, but they're on russian anyway :)

So, there's links for vids: made in 2004 and made in 2011.

March 9, 2011

Another bugfix
Fixed bug with comment adding.
Thanks to darksimpson :)

January 31, 2011

Fixed a couple of bugs, remembered a couple of passwords, what a progress.
Have to do something scene related.

February 25, 2010

Hello, Habrahabr!
BIG thanks to MyOtheHedgeFox for this post.

That's what I call "Surprise" from capital "S"!

November 28, 2009

We have a bug, man?!
If I answer to your comment, then it's date is changing to my answer date.
Shame on me. I'll fix it soon.

November 24, 2009

First release in «Projects»
For a long time I wanted to make a musicdisk with my tracks.
But all these paroxysms of laziness and fits of workaholism didn't allow simply to begin.
Well, it couldn't last all the time – that's why you may click here.

November 4, 2009

Collection of tracked music «Inner Spring»
Added collection of tracked music, created in Impulse Tracker.
Some tracks are just remakes of my Speccy tunes.

November 3, 2009

Three releases of AY-music.
Just uploaded three packs of my old AY-tracks: first, second and third.

There are some unfinished tracks left.
Some day they will be included in Stoptime #4.

November 3, 2009

Hi there!
Just started using untergrund's webspace, thanks to scamp!

There will be mostly my releases (music in other words, and maybe demos/intros someday) and something like
small scener blog.

I'm not sure about browser compatibility, but checked this with IE6, Firefox 3, Opera 10, Chrome 3. Just leave your comments, in case of trouble.

In general – welcome!